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Client Testimonials
"Fixed my radiator in 2 hrs. Highly recommended"
- Groove Parlor
"Mr. Burris is professional and reasonably priced."
- Marjorie A.
Burris and Sons is the place to call for all of your heating needs. Mr. Burris is experienced in what he does and will not leave until you have heat. If you have an old boiler, Burris and Sons is the place to call.
- Janice C.
My pipes burst, I called Burris and Sons at 7:00am and Mr. Burris arrived at 11:00. He assessed my situation explained what needed to be done, and recommended me to another company, because he could not do the demolition himself. I contacted the other company they didn’t come by or call me back. I got the contractors to come out and handle the demolition portion, I called Mr. Burris back, he came back located the burst pipe within minutes, showed me the damage , explained the process and took me step by step in how to repair the pipe and prevent the occurrence form happening again in the future. M. Burris is an expert and an honest man, I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing his services. Top Notch!
- Sarah H.
"I recently had a sewage backup. It was awful! First I went to Roto Rooters because they offered a 6 month guarantee. A month later the issue returned. The came back and rodding my drain again, but the issue came back within a couple of weeks. They (1) refused to come back a third time, and (2) refused to offer me a full refund. (See my Roto Rooters review for more details.) Called Burris and Sons and Mr. Burris was able to permanently resolve my issue. Roto Rooters are crooks. I would never used them again. Thank you Mr. Burris for fixing my issue."

- Alexis T.
"Mr. Burris has a fantastic work ethic, and there's no problem that he won't fix. Reliable and knowledgeable."
- Helen H.
"He saved me a lot of money when it came to my water tank I was told from someone else that I would have to buy a certain part which was a few hundred dollars but he came in and fixed it for me and I didn’t have to replace that part he also fixed my heat Thanks I would definitely recommend him..Great customer service!"

- Shunzel W.
"Burris is a great person to work with. He is very knowledgeable with very competitive pricing/quotes. What makes Mr Burris such a standout worker is that he goes out of his way to make sure that the done correctly and advises on how to make sure the same issue doesn't occur again. I would recommend Mr Burris as he does a great job."

- Eric A.
"Where can I start; Mr. Burris is one of the most personable and professional plumbers I've encountered. I had a toilet stack back up, which two previous plumbers said they had remedied. They hadn't.

Mr. Burris visited our building multiple times to remedy the issue, finally eliminating the material clog and backup that plagued the main sewer line. He also provided preventative measures to eliminate the clog from occurring again.

I would recommend Mr. Burris to any one who is having plumbing issues."

- Arthur M.
"Mr. Burris was a very experienced professional. I called and came out within a couple hours. I couldn't believe how soon he agreed to come. Did the job quickly and communicated exactly what was done and what to look out for. He'll definitely be kept in my list of go-to's."

- Cyn M.
"We called Burris and Sons for help with a clogged toilet, which was backing up into a bath tub. After arriving in a timely and professional fashion, Mr. Burris quickly assessed the issue, quoted a reasonable price, and articulated an action plan. A few hours later, not only was the issue solved, but Mr. Burris was able to fix another issue related to the clog. This was after two other plumbers incorrectly assessed the issue and did not solve the problem. Mr. Burris also provided thoughtful guidance on maintenance to prevent future issues. All in all, it was a great experience and I would recommend Burris and Sons to anyone."

- Simone M.
"They installed 2 hot water tanks and fixed my bathroom pipes. Burris and sons has provided excellent service for over 15 years."

- Cynthia N.
Burris and Sons are the best. Today, Christmas Day, the most important day of the year and they came through. They made sure that my boiler was fixed for my family and friends for Christmas Day. Thank you so much for taking the time to assist me on the holiday!
This company offers dependable, friendly, honest, prompt and reliable services all the time and everyday of the year. This is a company that wants to make sure that your needs are taken care. Day or night they ready to serve you.
- Dr. Jones
"My husband and I have been customers of Burris and Sons for more than 30 years and the service has always been prompt and problems resolved. This has included air conditioner and heating trouble shooting, sump, pump replacement, stove repair and replacement, hot water heater replacement and drain clearing issues. When we have had an issue, we call and receive a response. How often can you call a neighborhood business and know before the end of the day, your concern will be addressed and more often than not resolved. It leaves you with a good feeling. I recommend this company to my neighbors and family."
- Harriet N.
"Burris & Sons gave me a great estimate and quality service. I was most impressed with the honestly when it came to discussing pricing and options. Mr. Burris’ expertise and experience shows in the several jobs done at my building. You made it possible for me to keep my tenants happy, and for that I am very grateful. I highly recommend calling Burris and Sons for your plumbing needs."
- Pamela T.
"Burris and Sons has serviced my mother’s boiler for decades. They most recently responded to an emergency call on Christmas Eve when no one else was available. Their price was extraordinarily reasonable, especially for a holiday. Who knew that my own ultra-modern high-efficiency furnace would malfunction on Christmas Day., less than 12 hours later! Again, the responded quickly, got us back to heating and with the same reasonable price, again when no one else would be available until at least 8:00 am the next day! I can’t say enough!"

- Donald B.
"Burris and Sons are great. I called several heating and cooling companies which were unable to help me. I was told my boiler was too old and that parts were no longer available. It was suggested that I purchase a new boiler. I called Burris and Sons. Mr. Burris himself came out to assist me. Upon on first look, he was able to tell me the make and model of the boiler. He told me he would have it fixed in no time. Within the hour, he returned with the needed part. He had my broiler up and running within 2 hours, saving me time, money and discomfort. Mr. Burris was professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend Burris & Son."

- Olandria B.
"Burris and Sons came to the rescue again. I thought I had a busted pipe, but it was a bad water supply line. He was professional and he gave me recommendations for my kitchen faucet. Perfect. I am so happy."

- Cynthia N.